Susie Mathews

General Partner

Susie Mathews has a distinguished career in enterprise software development. As the former Chairman of US Computer Services and the chief product developer for CableData, Susie did pioneering work in large-scale distributed software development leading to systems servicing 33 million broadband subscribers domestically and internationally.

Susie has a passion for the end user point of view in large-scale software development and spends much of her time developing software that solves business problems in a pragmatic and cost effective fashion. She also has experience in the medical, veterinary, publishing and construction industries.

Susie has been heavily involved in a number of start up companies where she applies her experience in building companies through her experience in software development.

Susie is a co-founder of Ambullneo Vineyards.

Susie is principally involved in the development of VetFM, a FileMaker based veterinary practice management system from InfoMatrix that is used by hospitals nationwide.

Susie frequently speaks to users groups nationwide on software development issues.

In addition to other business and philanthropic interests, Susie is a former member of the Board of Visitors for the UC Davis School of Medicine, former Board Member of White Fence, Inc., Board Member of Ambullneo Vineyards, Board Member of WorldSync Inc. (SyncDeK: MacWorld Best of Show) and Chairman of Miramont Media

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