InfoMatrix, LLC. was founded in 1993 to provide IT consulting services and software development capabilities to companies requiring cost effective and pragmatic solutions ranging from departmental to enterprise. Today, InfoMatrix has grown from its roots in broadband and telephony to include General Partners specializing in medical, veterinary, retail, public sector, broadband/telephony, legal and general IT.

Our General Partners all started as developers and operations personnel in large enterprise environments. As we gained experience and rose through the ranks to become CIOs, CTOs, GMs, Development and Customer Care executives in vendor and end-user organizations, we were driven further and further away from hands-on involvement in software development by the day-to-day leadership duties we had undertaken.

In response to this, we launched InfoMatrix as a IT consulting and software development practice to allow us the ability to leverage our collective expertise in helping clients deal with very complex IT issues. We serve our clients by providing both an ability to contribute at the highest strategic levels as well as providing hands-on capabilities with information technologies.

Our General Partners provide a powerful blend of business acumen, IT leadership skills, and detailed experience gleaned from many mission critical IT assignments; all while maintaining a hands-on approach.

InfoMatrix has a strong grounding in many software development environments including C, C++, SQL, XML, Java and web technologies. In many of our projects we use FileMaker. We have developed a strong methodology for using FileMaker within the enterprise (particularly in mobile applications) and we have collected these techniques into an approach called The Nimble App. FileMaker sits at the foundation of our only commercial product - the premier veterinary practice management platform called VetFM


InfoMatrix is a limited liability company - with three General Partners and a number of associates based in Northern California - serving clients worldwide. Our General Partners have worked together since 1981.

InfoMatrix has Small Business Certification from State of California and is a FileMaker Business Alliance Member and a FileMaker Solutions Bundler.